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Luther / Reformers / after Cranach
Luther, Martin; Reformer; 1483–1546.

Reformers (from left: Johannes Forster, Georg Spalatin, Martin Luther, Johannes Bugenhagen, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Justus Jonas,...
John Frederick the Magnanimous with the Wittenberg Reformer
The Last Supper
The Last Supper
Crucifixion of Christ
Elector Moritz von Sachsen and his wife Agnes
The Judgement of Paris
Venus and Amor
Adam and Eve
Portrait at the age of twelve
Portrait of a woman from Saxony
Elector Frederick the Wise’s Deerhunt
Female Portrait
Kurfürst Moritz von Sachsen
Bildnis eines sächsischen Edelmannes
Männliches Bildnis
The Conversion of Paul
Baptism of Christ
The Resurrection of Christ
The Good Shepherd
Adoration of the Shepherds
Christus blessing the little Children
Fragment einer Hirsch–, Eber– und Bärenjagd
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Reformation & Lucas Cranach (1515 - 1586)
January 25, 2021 - 435th anniversary of death

On October 4, 1515, the Renaissance painter and son of Lucas Cranach was born in Wittenberg. Saxony-Anhalt celebrated its 500th birthday in Lutherstadt Wittenberg with the state exhibition "Cranach the Younger 2015". This large special exhibition featured some of the most important and valuable works of art of the German Renaissance.