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Advertising Column / Paris / Photo / 1934 / Fred Stein
Paris, France.

Advertising column.

Photo, 1934 by Fred Stein,
(1909–1967) who emigrated 1933 from Nazi Germany to France and finally to the USA.
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Fred Stein, master of street photography
Fred Stein (1909-1967) is often considered one of the original masters of street photography. His initial career as a lawyer took a rather unforeseen turn when, just having completed his law degree, he was refused work in his native Germany due to his anti-Nazi political convictions. Fred Stein fled to Paris, where he discovered his passion for photography and became a pioneer of the hand-held camera by using his Leica (which he had purchased with his wife as their joint wedding gift) to document the beauty and excitement of Parisian life.

When Germany declared war on France in 1939, Fred Stein was imprisoned in an internment camp near Paris, from which a lucky escape allowed him to flee the country on a ship bound for America. Counting his Leica as one of his most treasured possessions, Fred Stein arrived in New York City in 1941, where he continued his street photography, capturing the pristine grandeur of Fifth Avenue as well as the intimate family gatherings on the streets of Little Italy or Harlem.

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