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Irland mit hungernden Kindern 1916 / Zng.
Bürgerkrieg in Irland 1916.

(Allegorische Darstellung Irlands als “Erin” mit hungernden Kindern). Zeichnung, bez.: “H.G.”
Aus: Der Wahre Jacob, 33. Jg.,...
Easter Uprising 1916
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April 2016: 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland
April 2016 markes the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising (24th to 30th April 1916):

The Easter Rising, also known as the Easter Rebellion, was an armed insurrection in Ireland, mounted by Irish republicans to end British rule in Ireland and establish an independent Irish Republic. Even though the rebellion was unsuccessful, the event is still regarded as a turning point in the history of the country, eventually contributing to the creation of an independent Republic of Ireland.