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Stutthof Concentr. Camp / Photo / 1994
Sztutowo – Stutthof (Pomerania, Poland)
Stutthof concentration camp (set up 1939 as civilian internment camp, from 1941 special camp (Sonderlager) under Danzig Gestapo,...
Mordfel– der. Orte der Vernichtung im Krieg gegen die Sowjetunion
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Henning Langenheim - Mordfelder (Murder fields)
"Here, here it has been."

Since the mid-80s, the photographer Henning Langenheim (1950-2005) documented the places of German crimes throughout Europe from the time of the National Socialist annihilation terror.

In 1999, the book "Murder fields - Places of annihilation in the war against the Soviet Union" is touching and at the same time restrained in its detached documentary style.

Part of the World War II collection