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Hungarian Uprising / 1956 / Demonstr.
Hungarian Uprising; from 24th October to 11th November 1956. Soviet troops have entered Budapest. Street fights between the population and the Soviet Army

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The Hungarian Revolution by Erich Lessing
October 2016 marks 60 years since the Hungarian Revolution of 1956:

The revolt began as a series of student protests against the country's Stalinist regime. The uprising was brutally crushed by the intervention of 6,000 Soviet tanks.

The Hungarian Prime Minister Imre Nagy (1896-1958) was arrested, tried in secret and executed on 16 June 1958. It was only in 1989, 31 years after his death, that Imre Nagy was posthumously rehabilitated by Hungary's Supreme Court and given a formal public funeral.

Here we present a selection of images by legendary Austrian photographer Erich Lessing.

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