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Bergen-Belsen, Bäume / Foto
Bergen (Niedersachsen), KZ Bergen-Belsen, Gedenkstätte.

Bäume auf dem Gelände des ehemaligen Lagers.

Foto, 1992. Aus dem Projekt: Memorials Archive.
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"The exhibition MEMENTO, at the AFF Galerie focuses on the estate of the photographer Henning Langenheim (1950-2004) and
focuses on the work cycles Memorials I and II and Mordfelder, which deal with the systematic mass extermination under the NS Regime.

MEMENTO initially connects with a series of images from Buchenwald concentration camp. In Langenheim's work, memory operates on several levels. The focus is on one's own as well as the social confrontation with the memory of the past, the change in the culture of remembrance and the visual level of the representation of memory.

Langenheim's pictures, documents of the past themselves, not only confront how we deal with the memory of the murders perpetrated during National Socialism, but also make us realize the great value of photographic archives in relation to the changing collective attitudes within our society in regards to our collective memory" (Exhibition press release).

Place of issue
AFF gallery
Kochhannstrasse 14
10249 Berlin - Friedrichshain
from 18th September to 25th October 2020

Lukas Heibges

Lilli Langenheim


EMOP European Month of Photography Berlin