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Paris, street scene, commissionaire
Traffic / transport / commissionaire.

Street scene in Paris (France): commissionaire with cart in the Passage de la Petit-Boucherie.

Photo, undated. From the series:
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Getting Around
Using colour film for his city photography, Peter Cornelius captured night club Pigall’s neon light reflections shimmering in a puddle.

It was not the famous landmarks of Paris that interested Peter Cornelius. If we do catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower or the Sacré-Coeur, they are never the main subjects of the photograph. What Cornelius was looking for in his photographic city portrait was Paris brimming with life.

Cornelius often sets the scene with a flower stand or a glass window in the foreground, adding frames and depth to complement the vibrant colours of life in the streets. This is not a photographer who stands back to wait for the perfect scene to unfold – this point of view is from street level and reflect a fleeting moment. We see cars, push carts, motor bikes, trains moving out of a station, trams in streets and barges in waterways, and all over the city passersby are rushing on pavements, crossing the streets, emerging from the Métro, driven by a sense of purpose.

Peter Cornelius manages to capture the experience of a visitor to the French capital. The photographs are snapshots of movement, yet pay attention to composition and colour.