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Farmer atop a horse drawn wagon hauling the hay harvest, Michigan – 1938.
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Judging from his photographs, George Mann loved those hot, languid summer days, and he loved to spend them outdoors.

Touring with his comedy dance act “Barto and Mann”, prolonged time with family and friends must have been rare and, like his photography, provided an anchor in his nomadic life. His choice of subjects shows a fascination with the everyday delights of those leading more conventional lives.

In this evocative and very personal collection of black and white images from the 1930s, we watch children running through water sprinklers, women chatting on the back porch and men gathering around a car. We see portraits of farmers and hunters and a cotton picker on the side of the road. We feel the laughter, the heat and the breeze off the lake.

There is also a portrait of Mack Man, father of the photographer, presenting a fishing catch, and a very private George Mann sitting on a pasture gate chewing on a piece of straw.