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Elsa Martinelli / Photo 1956
Martinelli, Elsa;
Italian movie actress;
born 13.1.1932 in Grosseto.

Elsa Martinelli in a red evening dress travelling down Broadway in New York City on the pillion...
L’offerta a San Antonio / Offering to St. Anthony
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Photographer Spotlight: Tony Vaccaro
The American photographer Tony Vaccaro, born to Italian immigrants in 1922, is most known for his unforgettable photographs capturing the unsparing reality of the Second World War and its aftermath. Yet his astounding body of work doesn’t end there. With this selection of images hand-picked from our archive, we would like to highlight Tony’s tremendous ability to produce the most stunning photographs regardless of subject.

From heart-warming scenes such as the elderly Italian couple kissing through to the powerful portraits of great individuals like Giorgio de Chirico, Sophia Loren and Coretta Scott King, Tony’s photographs never fail to move us in unexpected and profound ways. Grazie, Tony!

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