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Scotland for ever
Scotland for ever
Scotland for ever
Napoleonic Wars: the Hundred Days 1815.
Battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815.
(Final defeat of Napoleon at the hands of Wellington and Bluecher).

– “Scotland for ever”.

Scotland for ever
Napoleon’s Return from the Island of Elba
Before Waterloo
Napoleon au Mont St. Jean
Bataille du 17 juin 1815 (Waterloo)
Bataille de Mont-Saint-Jean, dite de Waterloo
Conclusion of the Glorious Battle (…)
Napoleon’s Flight during the Battle of Waterloo
The decisive charge of the Life Guards (…)
Napo– leon fleeing after the Battle of Waterloo, 18th June 1815
The defence of the farm La Haye Sainte
Gebhard Leberecht Bluecher
The Prussians storming Plancenoit
Colonel Hugh Halkett and the German Landwehr batallion ‘Osn
Portrait of the Duke of Wellington
Assembly of important statesmen at the time of the Congress
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Battle of Waterloo
Two hundred years ago, on 18 June 1815, Emperor Napoleon was defeated on the battlefield at Waterloo. This victory by allied forces under the command of Wellington and Blücher led to Napoleon's abdication four days later and the end of the first French Empire.