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Maria Theresia / M. Meytens
Maria Theresia,
Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia,
Vienna 13.5.1717 – ibid. 29.11.1780.


Painting, c. 1743, by Martin van Meytens t. Y....
The imperial family on the terrace of Schoenbrunn Palace
Empress Maria Theresa
Maria Theresa with her Husband Francis I and Crown Prince Joseph
Familia Augusta
Portrait of Johann Christoph von Bartenstein
Portrait of Empress Maria Theresa
Banquet at the wedding of Joseph II to Isabella of Parma
The Children of Empress Maria Theresa
Empress Maria Theresia inspecting the troops at a camp near Heidelberg
Maria Theresa at the Vienna Imperial Riding School
Mozart Being Presented at the Austrian Court, Vienna, 1762
Emperor Joseph II and his Generals in the Military Camp at Minkendorf, Austria
Francis I
Francis I
Francis I
Visit at Maria Theresia
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May 2017: 300 years since the birth of Maria Theresa
May 2017 marks 300 years since the birth of Maria Theresa (Austrian archduchess and Holy Roman Empress of the Habsburg Dynasty from 1740 to 1780; 13 May 1717 – 29 November 1780):

Maria Theresa was the only female head of the Habsburg Dynasty. She led vigorous reforms in Austria's foreign policy; her aim was to secure Habsburg dominion and to develop military and political capabilities to ensure that Austria would not fall behind the other European powers.