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Amritsar, Hari Mandir / Photo
Amritsar (Punjab, North India),
Hari Mandir – Golden Temple (Main place of worship of Indian Sikhs, originally 16th century, rebuilt after destruction 1761/64 and...
The Black Prince
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Anthony F. Kersting
Anthony F. Kersting was a renowned architectural photographer. After purchasing his first camera in the late 1920s, Kersting documented the architectural heritage of Great Britain, including some of the country's most celebrated stately homes. akg-images represents Kersting's work worldwide.

Ute Krebs has written about Anthony F. Kersting and his work on the akg-images blog, so to find out more about this exceptional man and his photography, please read this article on Covent Garden or this entry on the churches and cathedrals of Great Britain.