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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get further help with my search?

Have you tried our search tips above? If you need any further help with your search, please contact research@akg-images.co.uk. Our team of Picture Researchers have access to unscanned material from our analogue archive, as well as additional material from our partner collections around the globe. Our picture research services are free of charge.


How do I download high-res images?

To order a high-res image please add it to your cart. When you are ready to place your order, please visit your cart (top right-hand corner of the screen). Once in the cart:

How can I re-download high-res images from a previous order?

If you wish to re-download high-res images from a previous order, please go to your "Orders" (top right-hand corner of the screen), then select the "Re-download Previous Orders" tab. Your previous orders will appear sorted by month. Once you have found the relevant order, you can click "Download This Item" on any image you wish to re-download.


How much does it cost to license an image?

We are a Rights Managed archive. As such, all our images are priced according to the exact usage rights you need to clear.

In order to compile a price quote for a single usage, we would need specific information about how you intend to use our image. Please fill in the requested details when ordering high-res images online or email enquiries@akg-images.co.uk with the following information:


Can I order a print or poster of a particular image I have seen online?

We are unable to supply images to private individuals for personal use. However we are pleased to offer high-quality art prints and posters of many of the finest images in the akg-images archive in partnership with leading art publishers King & McGaw. You can browse the specially curated selection of artworks online and choose from a variety of sizes, finishes and frames, all finished to the highest standard and delivered directly to your door.

We hope you found the answer to your question on this page. If not, please contact us directly, we'll be happy to help. You can email us on enquiries@akg-images.co.uk; further ways to get in touch are listed over on our "Contact Us" page.

If you wish to set up a formal price agreement to cover a range of usages, please contact us on enquiries@akg-images.co.uk, our Account Executives will be pleased to put together a price agreement for you, tailored to your requirements.

If you have a price agreement in place with us you may have instant download access, allowing you to download images from your cart using the green"Download All" button at the bottom of the cart page.

If you do not have a price agreement in place with us, please complete the "image use" information using the drop down menus provided in your cart, then click the purple "Request Authorization" button at the bottom of the cart page. One of our sales executives will contact you with a price quote. Once reproduction fees have been agreed, the image will be authorised for high-res download.

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1. Refining an existing search:

You can refine your existing search results using the grey side bar on left-hand side of the screen. This will allow you to filter results by technique, photographer, artist, or museum. It will also allow you to choose between b/w and colour images, select landscape or portrait format images, or search for extra large scan sizes.

2. Running a new advanced search:

If you are looking for something more specific, you can run a new advanced search using the "+" symbol at the very top of the page. The most popular functions are searching by keyword (or a number of keywords), searching by source (photographer or partner collection), searching by museum, or searching within a given time period using the "event date" fields.

3. More helpful search tips:

You can run a wildcard search using *.

For example: snow* will search for snow, snowing, snowy, snowfall, snowman, snowball etc.

You can use AND, OR and NOT between two words to further refine your search:

AND: your search results will include only images containing both words.

For example: snow AND landscape will search for images depicting landscapes with snow.

OR: your search results will include images containing either one or both of the words.

For example: snow OR winter will search for images depicting snow or winter, or both.

NOT: your search results will exclude all images containing the second word.

For example: snow NOT sleigh will search for images depicting snow without any sleighs.

You can use words in double quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.

For example: "The Hunters in the Snow" will search for the famous Brueghel painting of this title.


Why should I register for an account?

Registering for a free account with us will help you make the most of our website. Some sub-collections of our archive are only visible to registered users, so logging in with your own account will enable you to access the largest number of images we can license to you. Once logged in, you will also be able to create and share lightboxes, as well as order high-res images.

How can I change my password?

Once logged in, you can change your password by clicking on "Welcome" (top right-hand corner of the screen), then on "My Account" and "Change my password". If you have trouble logging in, please contact enquiries@akg-images.co.uk.


Why should I log in to my account when searching?

Some sub-collections of our archive are only visible to registered users, so logging in with your own account will enable you to access the largest number of images we can license to you. There is a "remember me" checkbox when you first sign in which will keep you logged into the website whenever you visit. If you do not yet have an account with us, please register for one.

How can I narrow down my search results?

If you are getting too many search results, please try one of the following methods: