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Plague doctor of the 18th century
Plague doctor of the 18th century
Plague doctor of the 18th century
Medicine / Plague.

– “18th century plague doctor”. –

Engraving, anonymous, contemporary.
Later colouring.
Plague doctor of the 18th century.
18th century plague doctor
Venetian lady of the 18th Century
Carneval in Venice in the 18th century
Tombstone 18th century
Cupboards and buffet of the 18th century
The Forges of Buffon, in the 18th century / Reconstitution 3D
Indian architecture of the 18th century
Interior of a police prison in the 18th Century
France Cavalry Music, 18th century
Life at the London Docks during the 18th century.
Lunchtime at Ferney, after Denon / Engraving 18th century
Execution of Desrues, wheeled in the Place de Greve on 6 May 1777 / Engraving 18th century
Magic Lamp Clock in 18th Century Figure
Monastic habits 15th-18th century
Turkey, 18th century. Home, street and pilgrim costumes
Turkey, 18th century. High dignitaries of the empire
of 33689
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