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WOODBLOCK PRINT: NABESHIMA. Japan. Shôwa period. 1930. Yoshida Hiroshi (1876-1950). Nishiki-e. Ôban, tate-e. From the series Setonaikai (The Inland Sea). Sign.:...
Bowl with Overall Abstract Floral Design
Footed Bowl
Dish with Ginkgo Leaves
Dish with Weeping Cherry Tree
Incense Burner with Floral Scroll
Dish with Sweet Osmanthus and Cloud
Dish with Camellia
Dish with Maple Leaves in Waves
Dish with Reeds and Mist
Plate with Willow Tree and Cloud
Incense Burner with Floral Scroll
????????????|Incense Burner in the Shape of a Courtier’s Hat with Scrolling Peonies
??????????|Dish with Peaches
???????|Dish with Hydrangeas
???????|Dish with Three Jars
????????|Peony-Shaped Dish with Butterflies
???????????|Dish with Chestnuts and Oak Leaves
????????|Peony-Shaped Dish with Butterflies
???????|Dish with Cranes
????????|Dish with Fans Floating on a Stream
????????|Dish with Cherry Blossoms
Footed Dish
Dish with Daffodil and Wave Design
Plate with Storage Jar and Wave Design
???????|Dish with Design of Dishes
??????????|Dish with Peaches
?????????|Dish with Hydrangeas
???????|Dish with Stylized Chrysanthemum Scrolls
??????????|Dish with Floating Fans with Bamboo Grass (Sasa) and Plum Motifs
?????????|Dish with Sacred Jewels, Plum, Pine, and Bamboo
Hanging Flower Vase in the Form of a Quiver
????????|Dish with Court Carriage beneath a Cherry Tree
????????????|Dish with Cherry Blossoms and Textile Curtains
??????????|Small Dish with Waves, Shells, and Gourds
?????????|Dish with Design of Sacred Jewels, Plum, Pine and Bamboo
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