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Sachsenspiegel / Interest… / Illum. c. 1350
Illumination, c. 1350, “Sachsenspiegel”
(lit. Saxon Mirror), illuminated manuscript (Dresden).

Interest on coins, vineyards and mills / delivering fief / termination...
The Atlas of the Landed Interest
Meeting of the Monied Interest (..)
Natural history object of interest
Travel album with photos of places of interest in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria
Der Zinstag
Meeting commemorating the German invasion on the site of the destroyed Dutch church 'Austin Friars' in London, with great public interest
Places of Historic Interest on the S.E. & C.R.
Par-ci, par-lá:  Young man, you have capital, but no experience.  That doesn't matter, you interest me
Loubet s’instruit en voyageant (..)
“Allegory of Wealth”
Berlin – branch of the Deutsche Bank
Orr Laird's Coort Day
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