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Pursuit of a French Balloon
Pursuit of a French Balloon
Pursuit of a French Balloon
Franco-Prussian War 1870/71.

“Pursuit of a French Balloon”.

Col. chalk lithograph.
From Bellona (…) von G.Berthold,
Ebersbach (C.F.Dre~ler) 1871.
Berlin, Sammlung...
Battle of Wörth
Battle near Orleans on 11 October 1870
Battle of Orleans on 4th December 1870
Shelling of Mont Avron on 27 Decem– ber 1870.
Blowing-up of the Kehl railway bridge
Victorious batte of the Prussians at Saarbruecken on 6th Au
Withdrawal at Sedan on 1 September
Napoleon in the camp of Chalons
1. Jules Favre. / 2. Leon Gambetta. / 3. General Faidherbe. /
Fighting between French peasants and Bavarian troops
1. MacMahon, Duc de Magenta. / 2. Count Palikao./ 3. General
The Saxons at St. Privat, 18 Aug. 1870
Battle of Metz, 18th August.
The 3rd Saxon Cavalry Regiment in the fight near Buzancy on
Kaiser Wilhelm im Lazareth zu Ver– sailles
King Wilhelm on the Battlefield at Metz
Wilhelm I / Leopold von Hohenzollern, Napoleon III.
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