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Farandoul and his nurse
Farandoul and his nurse
Farandoul and his nurse
Albert Robida; French writer, draftsman, painter and cartoonist; Compiègne 14. 3. 1848 – Neuilly-sur-Seine 11. 10. 1926.

Works: Voyages très extraordinaires de...
Japan – Fierce persecution through a quiet quarter
Karte der ganz außergewöhnlichen Reisen von Saturnin Farandoul
The pirate Bora-Bora and his lieutenants
The attack
Mr. Valentin Groenuff, director of the great aquarium
The Last Defender of Australia
Brilliant armed engagement of the Quadrumana army
The two-handed General Mandibul
The Rattlesnake Traps
Evening party given by a former two-handed official
Farandoul as Mormon
Burning Declaration of Love
The Apaches go on warpath
Les picadoras de la Libertad
Philéas Fogg and Passepartout
The good Fridolin Rosengarten
Underwater fight in the roadstead of Papagayo
An escape over four thousand meters
Die Niam-Niam tanzen vor dem Scheiterhaufen Farandouls
Philéas blows up the Sainte-Barbe
The two white queens of the Makalolo
The four queens kidnapped by gorillas
Farandoul chases the lion
Good navigation on board of the hippo
The queens attack with rage
Dance of the Awalim in the ruins of Thebes
Wedding of one of the white queens
The Colonelle of the Amazon Regiment of Siam
Mandibul as a snake charmer
Chinese means of transport: wheelbarrows with sails
War preparations of the Chinese army
Riots in Japan – Politicians cut their abdomen in rage
Exposition of the condemned
The mysterious Nabob on the beach of Trouville
The Nights on the Bosporus
Incident at the departure of the expedition to the North Pol
Fighting with boiling water against the bears of the pack ice
A bad night at the North Pole. The flame freezes
The shipwrecked on the Herring Bank
Invasion of a whale into the cabin
Return of Farandoul to the island of Pomotou
Love on the seabed
Mysora devoured
Feeding the white elephant of the king of Siam
Japan – Princess Yamida traveling
Kaido triumphant. – Finally I’m betrayed
The general Borogolov and his niece Olga
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