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Exécution de Murat.
Exécution de Murat.
Exécution de Murat.
Murat, Joachim; French marshal; Grand Duke of Cleves and Berg (1806–08), King of Naples (1808–15); Labastide-Fortunière 25.3.1767 – (executed) Pizzo 13.10.1815.

The Execution of Robert Blum
The execution of Robert Blum near Vienna
Execution of 26 Commissars in Baku.
Exécution d’insurgés
Exécution sommaire d’insurgés agents de la Commune, rue Sai
Savonarola’s execution on the Piazza della Signoria
Exécution des insurgés pris les armes à la main, dans lesco
Execution of Valentin Steuber on 11th October 1849
Execution of Maximilian I
The Execution
Execution of Torrijos and his Followers
The execution of Cesare Battisti
Tsarist Gallows
“Die Execution des famosen Bayrischen Hiesels (…) "
Execution of Doctor Crippen
The Morning of the Streltsy Execution.
The Execution of Padilla and his Comuneros in Madrid 1521
The execution of St. Agnes
Execution of St. Catherine
Execution of Anne Boleyn
Execution of R. Blum
Execution of Peasant Leaders
Execution of Louis XVI.
Site of Horror
Site of Horror
The arrest and execution of Thomas More
Une execution capitale au Siam
Execution of the conspirators of Amboise in March 1560 / Engraving 19th century
The Miracle of the Desecrated Host
Execution of Joan of Arc
Exécution de Robespierre et de ses complices, conspirateurs contre la Li– berté et l’Egalité.
Exécution de  Henri de Talleyrand-Périgord, comte de Chalais, le 19 Août 1626 / Gravure, 19e siècle
Katt’s execution
The Execution of Braking on the Rack
The Execution of the Apostle Paul
Execution of François Ravaillac in Place de Greve, 27 May 1610
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