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Norman boat, 9th century
Norman boat, 9th century
Norman boat, 9th century
Shipping / History.

“Norman boat, 9th century”.

Picture postcard after a painting by Christopher Rave (1881–1933).
No. 18 of the series: Marine-Galerie.
Chestnut Grove 9th June 1848
North American War: bayonet attack by the 9th (German) Ohio
Thomas Howard, 3rd Earl of Effingham and 9th Baron Howard
Company C, 9th Indiana Infantry (Sherman's Veterans)
??  ?????  ???|Inscriptions on the Stone Drums (Eastern Zhou dynasty, 5th century B.C.)
????|Calligraphy of a Tang-dynasty poem, "Maple Bridge Night Mooring"
The Forge on Deck, Night of August 9th: Preparing the Iron Plating for Capstan
Chief Officer and Clerks of the Ambulance Department, 9th Army Corps, in Front of Petersburg, Virginia
The New Dynasty; – or – the little Corsican Gardiner planting a Royal Pip– pin Tree
Extraordinary Express Across the Atlantic – Pilot Boat William J. Romer, Captain McGuire, Leaving for England February 9th, 1846
Ancient Egypt / Transport of an obelisk / 3D Reconstruction
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