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Cavalry Battle
Cavalry Battle
Cavalry Battle
Casanova, Francesco 1727–1802.

“Cavalry Battle”.

Location unknown (Russian collection, St Petersburg or Moscow).
A Cavalry Engagement
Ancient cavalry.
Cavalry battle
Cavalry battle
A Cavalry Engagement
Red Cavalry
Cavalry Battle
Cavalry battle
Cavalry Skirmish
Cavalry battle in the Crimean War
First Attack by the Cavalry
Russian Cavalry
A Cavalry Battle
Charge of the Light Cavalry Brigade
Cavalry battle between Ulans and Chevauxlegers in front of
Light Russian irregular cavalry. 1 and 2. Don Cossacks 3. A Kalmuk. 4. A Urals Cossack 5. A Black Sea Cossack 6. An Albanian.
Line of Prussian cavalry.
Attack of the cavalry
Battle field with cavalry fighting
Carrier pigeon division of the German cavalry.
of 1678
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