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Newsletter #02 2018

... a cipher for the protests of the civil rights and student movements not only in Germany - marked by demonstrations against the Vietnam War, the Polish political crisis, the murder of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, May 68 in Paris and the crushing of the Prague Spring. The rejection of existing social norms and traditions, in short the entire establishment, was both cause and consequence at the same time. This new attitude to life was also reflected in art, fashion and music.

In Germany, the revolutionary mood reached a climax after the assassination attempt on Rudi Dutschke on 11 April 1968. Disturbing photographs of street battles in major German cities burned into the collective memory.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit gave May 68 in Paris a face and voice. Look at amazing shots of the, at that time, young L' Express photographer Manuel Bidermanas. He was on the streets and took photographs from the event, which became an icon of the entire protest movement.