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Karl Lagerfeld / Photo, 2012
Karl Lagerfeld, Karl (né Karl Otto Lagerfeldt)
(10.09.1933 Hambourg, Allemagne - 19.02.2019 à Neuilly-sur-Seine)
grand couturier, photographe et entrepreneur allemand

Karl Lagerfeld rencontre Yves Saint Laurent
robe du soir
Coca-Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld [coffret]
Coca-Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld [coffret]
Lagerfeld Gallery. Canderel Pocket
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Karl Lagerfeld
The German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died on 19 February 2019 in his adopted home of Paris.

He began his career in Paris in the mid-1950s. Versatile talent, he was successful as a designer, photographer and costume stylist.