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Fillette à Paris / Photo
Enfant / Enfant des grandes villes.

Scène de rue à Paris (France) : petite fille dans la rue Dauphine.

De la série : Farbiges Paris (Paris en couleur), 1956–1961....
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Young and Old
Peter Cornelius photographed street scenes all over Paris, from Montmartre to the Marais. He was drawn to capturing ordinary people out and about on a summer’s day, and in particular chose subjects who were unaware of being photographed. The playfulness of the very young and the deliberation of the very old are the focus of this selection.

Subdued colours create a subtle backdrop for the contrasting contours, shapes or shocks of colour. There is a little girl peeking around the corner of a house with a bright red drainpipe, an elderly gentleman looking at a bird dealer’s green framed bird cages, a child in a blue coat standing among pigeons – most of them grey but one brown.