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Greeting cards ideas - Fruits and vegetables
Pea, pepper a. o. / Album Vilmorin
Botany / Charts:

Express pea; mild American pepper; tuberous stachys (chorogi); early dwarf pepper tomato; onion from Trébons; savoy cabbage, formerly from Saint-Jean.

Spanish pepper
White Queen
Stalk with paprika fruits
Prof. Dr. Rachke’s plate of pear varieties
Ampélographie: Chasselas rose de Falloux
Ampélographie: Black Alicante
Bush beans
The Queen Pine
Calville blanc
Fraisier à Bouquets / Fragaria
Groseiller rouge / Ribes rubrum
Charts of stone-fruits and berries. Selected by G.Vielweber (..)
Strawberries and forget-me-nots
Fruit Still Life with Almonds and Half an Apple
Bowl with peaches
Cherries and carnations
Bowl with plums, jasmine flowers and walnut
Red Cabbages, Rhubarb and Orange
Une poire
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