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The Plague
The Plague
The Plague
Böcklin, Arnold,
Swiss painter.

“Die Pest”, (The Plague), 1898.

Varnished tempera on pine wood, 149.5 × 104.5 cm.
Basel, Kunstmuseum.
Island of the Dead
Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Fiddle
Self-Portrait in the Studio
Battle of the Centaurs
Roland, Raging
Der Krieg
Lamentation of Christ
The Lamentations of Mary Magdalene on the body of Christ
Vestal Virgin
Hymn to Spring
Lovers in Front of Shrubs
Water Nymph
Playing of the Waves
Triton Carrying a Nereid on his Back
Nymph on Pan's Shoulders
Centaur in the Village Smithy
Astolf Rides Away with the Head of Orillus
Procession of the Goths
Elysian Fields
The Holy Grove
The Silence of the Woods
Triton and Nereid
Odysseus by the Sea
Mountain Landscape with Chamois
Villa by the Sea
Braking of the Waves
Murderer Chased by Furies
Battle on the Bridge
Self-Portrait of the Artist with his Wife Angela
Odysseus and Polyphemus
Head of Medusa
Rocky Slope in the Albanian Mountains
Children Making Whistles
Goat Herd in Campania
Moonlit Landscape
Ideal Spring Landscape
Tavern in Ancient Rome
Autumnal Thoughts
Head of a Roman
Nuns on their Way to Church
Sleeping Child
Villa by the Sea
Pontine Marshes Landscape
Summer Day
Anacreon's Muse
Portrait of Angela Böcklin with Red Hairnet
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Arnold Böcklin (1827 - 1901)
16th January 2021 - 120th anniversary of his death

16th October 2017 - 200th anniversary of his birth

Arnold Böcklin, 1827 – 1901, Swiss symbolist painter. His pictures portray mythological, fantastical figures along classical architecture constructions (often revealing an obsession with death), creating a strange, fantasy world.
Böcklin's art influenced Surrealist painters such as Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí.