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You Live in My Heart / Postcard, 1942
Society / Relationships / Love.

"Love is in my heart" Valentine's card.

Photo postcard, 1942.
I Read them Again with Pleasure
The Violet’s Message
Beautiful Reader
Couple with Dove
The Love Letter
The Love Letter
The love letter
Love Letter
Venus with Mercury and Cupid ('The School of Love')
Le Billet
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Series on Love: Valentine's Day
This month we continue our series on Love by celebrating the art of letter writing, just in time for Valentine's Day.

On the 14th of February we exchange Valentine's cards, often in a rather ritualistic and unimaginative way. These days we only very rarely send letters to each other, and even rarer are the things called "love letters".

This selection of images celebrates the writing, sending and receiving of love letters. May this wonderful way of communicating with our beloved not die out completely!