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Reclining female nude
Reclining female nude
Reclining female nude
Putz, Leo.
Austrian painter, 1869–1940.

“Liegender weiblicher Akt” (Reclining female nude).

Oil on canvas, 103 × 122cm.
Private collection.
“Sonnige Ausfahrt”
Mädchen im Glas
View of Dachau
Snails Fighting
Das grüne Kleid
Hartmannsberg Castle with Chapel
Hartmansnsburg Castle
Moorsee in Winter
Female Nude
Nude in a Barge
In Front of the Mirror
Artist's Model at the Tea Table
Summer Dreams
Guesthouse in the Snow
Autumn Storm
Marsh Lake in Winter
Open Air
Open Air Breakfast
Landscape with Lake
Mädchen im Kahn
Stille Zeit
Lady in the Park
Dame auf der Bank sitzend
Lady Reclining
Late Autumn
Open Air Breakfast II
Lady on the Sofa
Lady in White
Gusti Bennat
Im Kahn
In the Morning
Bildnis Frau Halseband
Am Ufer
Still Life with Grapes
Nude with Grey Trees
Barge III
At the Garden Table
Nudes in the Water
Ticklish Little Sea Snail
Dame im Kahn
Scene in a Studio
After the Bath
Portrait of the Wife of Privy Councillor Dr Hochhaus
In the Seraglio
Late Summer
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June 2019: 150 Years Since the Birth of Leo Putz
June 2019: 150 Years Since the Birth of Leo Putz.

Leo Putz, 18 June 1869 – 21 July 1940, Tyrolean painter.

His work encompasses Art Nouveau, Impressionism and the beginnings of Expressionism. Figures, nudes and landscapes are his predominant subjects.

He became an opponent of National Socialism and his art was labelled "degenerate". Beginning in 1936, he was repeatedly interrogated by the Gestapo and was forced to flee back to his native region, the South Tyrol. In 1937, he was officially banned from working in Germany.

For the remainder of his life, he concentrated on painting castles, villages and benign landscapes.

He died in 1940, following an operation. News of his death was suppressed in Italy and Germany and he was quietly interred in Gauting,

July 2020: 80 years since the death of Leo Putz.