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History, Courtship, Lifestyle
Hand Colored Photograph of Two Men and a Woman on a Park Bench
Mary as Queen of Heaven
Interior with Woman Reading
Portrait of a man with a book
Le Livre
Young Woman with Book
Pope Leo X with the Cardinals Luigi Rosso and Giulio de’ Me
Les deux soeurs
The Bookworm
Girl reading
Reclining Nude Holding a Book
Interieur (Interieurszene und lesende Frau)
Femme couchee lisant (Marie-Therese Walter)
La liseuse
Ausgießung des Hl. Geistes
La Femme au livre
Old woman
The Librarian
Leo Tolstoy during a rest in the forest.
Reading Girl, Else Lasker-Schüler)
Woman Reading Outdoors
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23 April World Book and Copyright Day
Since 1995, World Book and Copyright Day, proclaimed by UNESCO, has been a day of action for reading, for books and also the culture of the written word in general and thus the rights of authors.