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Cadmus and Minerva
Cadmus and Minerva
Cadmus and Minerva
Jordaens, Jacob (Jacques),
1593 – 1678,
Flemish painter, draughtsman and tapestry designer.

‘Cadmus and Minerva’, 1636-1638.

Oil on canvas, 181 x 300 cm.

Apollo as Victor over Pan
Three Musicians
Queen Artemisia
The Holy Family
The King Drinks
A Merry Family at the Dinner Table
The King Drinks
The Adoration of the Magi
Triumph of Bacchus
Woman with a Pitcher,
The Satyr and the Peasant
Neptune Creates the Horse
The Holy Family
The Holy Family and Saint John the Baptist
Diana’s Rest After the Hunt
Diana, Resting After the hunt
The Fall from Grace
The Sacrifice of Isaac
Diana in the Bath
The Wedding of Peleus und Thetis
Prometheus Bound
Diogenes Searching for an Honest Man
Great Bacchanal
Study of the Head of Abraham Grapheus
Head of St Peter
The King's Feast
The Temptation of Mary Magdalene,
Portrait of an Obese Man
The Dapple Grey
As the Old Sang the Young Play Pipes
The Tribute Money
Young King Louis XIV During a Riding Lesson
Christ Carrying the Cross
Portrait of Rogier Le Witer
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May 2018: 425 years since the birth of Jacob Jordaens
Flemish painter Jacob Jordaens (Antwerp 19 May 1593 – 18 October 1678) was a prominent artistic figure of the Baroque era.

Amongst his most famous paintings are mythological and allegorical scenes and portraits.

Greatly influenced by Rubens, his work shows a greater realism and a fascinating use of chiaroscuro.