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February Revolution, Petrograd 1917
February Revolution, 12 March (27 Feb., O.S.) 1917:
The Petrograd Garrison joins forces with the Workers.
– Revolutionary crowds in Petrograd.
The 27th February 1917
The 27th February 1917
Revulutionäre Demonstration im Februar 1917
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The consequences of the First World War led to a deep economic and political crisis in Russia.

On 23 February 1917 - the Julian calendar / 8 March Gregorian calendar - the extreme shortage of supplies for the population in particular led to mass demonstrations of the starving population, first in the Russian capital Petrograd (St. Petersburg) and later to a revolution throughout the country.

As a result, Tsar Nicholas II had to resign on March 15,1917. This ended the more than 300 years of Romanov rule in Russia.