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Scenographia Panthei (..).
Scenographia Panthei (..).
Scenographia Panthei (..).
Rome (Italy),
(built 118–128 under Hadrian).

“Scenographia Panthei (..).”

Etching by Giovanni Battista Piranesi
(1720–78). From: Campus Martius antiquae...
Carceri XIV
Carceri XV
Veduta della Basilica e Piazza di S. Pietro in Vaticano
Veduta della Piazza della Rotonda
Veduta di Campo Vaccino
Carceri IV (The Great Piazza)
Carceri VI (The Smoking Fire)
Carceri VII (The Railway Bridge)
Carceri VIII
Carceri XII
Carceri II (The man on the pedestal)
Carceri V
Il Campo Marzio dell’antica Roma
I carceri
Scenographia Reliquiarum porticus Septorum Iuliorum
Veduta dell’ Arco di Settimio Se– vero
Veduta del Tempio di Giove Tonante
Ansicht Basilika von Westen m. beiden anderen Tempeln
Das Innere der Basilika v. Norden mit Pronaos
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Battista Piranesi - A Modern Visionary
Giovanni Battista (also Giambattista Piranesi), 4 October 1720 –
9 November 1778, was an Italian artist, famous for his etchings of Rome and a series of 16 prints of "Imaginary Prisons" (Le Carceri d'Invenzione) that show enormous subterranean vaults with stairs and mighty machines.

His images greatly influenced Romanticism and Surrealism. While the Vedutisti (or "view makers") such as Canaletto and Bellotto, more often reveled in the beauty of the sunlit place, in Piranesi this vision takes on what from a modern perspective could be called a Kafkaesque distortion, seemingly erecting fantastic labyrinthine structures, epic in volume. They are capricci, whimsical aggregates of monumental architecture and ruin.