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Second Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Bavaria, 1808 / M.S.Frank
Heraldry / Coat of Arms:

Second coat of arms of the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Painting, 1808, by Michael Siegmund Frank (1770–1847).
On glass, 58.5 × 47.5...
Ludwig III of Bavaria as Grand Master of the Order of St. Georg
Ludwig / Prince regent of Bavaria.
Imperial manoeuvres – His Majesty explains the enemies’ pos
The end of World War 1
The Revolution
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1918 End of the Bavarian Monarchy
7th November 2018 - 100 years since the end of the Bavarian Monarchy.

With the treaty of 23 November 1870 Bavaria was integrated into the new German Empire, but permitted a relatively large degree of self-determination. The Kings of Bavaria maintained their titles, and maintained separate diplomatic and military corps.

When the German Empire was abolished in November 1918 after the end of World War I, the last king of Bavaria, Ludwig III, was deposed.