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Taschenspieler (Japanischer Zauberer)
Taschenspieler (Japanischer Zauberer)
Taschenspieler (Japanischer Zauberer)
Orlik, Emil; 1870-1932.
"Taschenspieler" (Japanischer Zauberer auf der Bühne), 1900.
Farbholzschnitt, 16,5 x 13,3 cm.
Emil Orlik / Sächsischer Kunstverein Brühlsche Terrasse, Mä
“Einfahrt zum Gutshof”
Bildnis eines Mannes
Sitzende Frau
Portrait Nelly Neppach
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Emil Orlik
21st July 2020 - 150th Birthday.


28th September 2022 - 90th Anniversary of his death.

Emil Orlik 21st July 1870 – 28th September 1932,
painter, etcher and lithographer. He was born in Prague, which was at that time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and lived and worked in Prague, Austria and Germany.

As a young artist Orlic became interested Japanese art and the impact it was having in Europe and decided to visit Japan to learn woodcut techniques. He left for Asia in March 1900, stopping off in Hong Kong, before reaching Japan. The images he produced during his one-year-stay in Japan, is now considered his most important work.