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Christ on the Cross
Christ on the Cross
Christ on the Cross
Velazquez, Diego 1599–1660.

“Christ on the Cross”, c. 1636/38.

Oil on canvas, 248 × 169cm.
Madrid, Museo del Prado.
Christ in Emmaus
CHrist as the Man of Sorrows
Toter Christus.
The dead Christ
Christ Bound to the Column
Christ at the column
Christ after the deposition from the Cross
Archangel Gabriel
The Annunciation.
The Sistine Madonna.
The Fall of Lucifer and the Three Archangels
Head of Cupid
The Ascent to the Heavenly Paradise
Praying Hands
At at the wailing wall
Lamentation of Christ
The Lamentation of Christ
Die Heiligen drei Könige bei ihrem Ritt nach Bethlehem
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Religion & Belief
Religion and faith as probably the oldest root of human coexistence. Starting with shamanistic rituals of primitive peoples up to the great world religions: Ethics and morality are determined by the respective world of faith.
But nevertheless there are some universal elements to be found in almost all cultures of the world, e.g. the quest for meaning, moral orientation and the collective belief in transcendent forces and sacred objects.