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Glass Tubes / Photo / 1964
Technology / Glass.

Glass tubes.

Photo, 1964.
From a series: “Soufflerie” (glass blowing in France).
Ohne Titel (Typo Collage)
Science Fiction / Construction of a Spaceship / Illustration
Der Alchemist
Montage des Luftschiffs LZ 127
Hook plough. Neolithic period
Vogel mit Kopf eines Ziegenbocks auf zwei Rädern
The Poor Fisherman
From a Volume of 105 Drawings of Machines & Engineering Devices
Mechanical studies: on the right, the workings of a clock
Flaschenzug zum Anlandziehen von Schiffen
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Science & Technology
Evolution of human being and his native curiosity are prerequisites for development and progress in science and technology. The discovery of connections and principles in and between nature, earth and cosmos is the cornerstone for development of natural science. Today, science and research involved in almost all areas of human existence. Proofability, verifiability, repeatability of results and freedom of purpose are still the main characteristics of scientific work.