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Berlin, Schloss, Ringrennen auf der Stechbahn 1592 / Kupferstich
Berlin, Mitte, Alt-Cölln, Spreeinsel,
Berliner Schloss
(kurfürstliche Residenz; erbaut ab 1443),
Stechbahnflügel (heute Schlossplatzflügel; erbaut 1538-1540 unter...
Grundriß der Residentz Stätte Berlin und Cölln
Die Domkirch sampt der Stechbahn in Cöllen an der Spree
Lange Brücke
Prospectus arci regiae (…) Beroli– ni
The Palace of the King of Prussia at Berlin (…)
Die Königl. Preuß. Residentz Berlin nach ihrem accuraten Grundriss (…)
Preußische Kavallerie-Offiziere vor dem Berliner Schloß.
Napoléon Ier reçoit les députés du Sénat conservateur au pa
Der Eosanderhof des Berliner Stadtschlosses
Die Domkirche in Berlin
Lange Brücke und Schloß
F. Mesmer, 1848
First attack by the cavalry on the defenseless people in fr
Sleeping Civil Militia in front of the Private Rooms of the King of Prussia
Blick aus dem Berliner Stadtschloss
Die Granitschale im Berliner Lustgarten
Berliner Schloss, Schlafzimmer
Grünes Zimmer im Berliner Schloss
Ball scene
The Crown Prince at a Court Ball
In the white hall
At the Court of Kaiser Wilhelm I
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Berlin Palace - Reinvented and Reconstructed
'A Palace for all'

Berlin Palace (German: Berliner Schloss or Stadtschloss), also known as the Berlin City Palace, located on the Museum Island in Berlin.
It was a royal and imperial palace and served mostly as the main residence of the Electors of Brandenburg, the Kings of Prussia and the German Emperors.
Demolished by the government of East Germany the 1950s, the palace is currently being rebuilt, with completion expected in November 2019. The reconstructed palace will be the seat of the Humboldt Forum, a museum for world culture which is a successor museum of the Ancient Prussian Art Chamber, which was also located in the Berlin Palace. The Humboldt Forum has been described as the German equivalent of the British Museum.