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Portrait fo Claude Monet / Photo, c.1910
Monet, Claude
1840 – 1926,
French painter.

Portrait of Claude Monet.

Photo, c.1910.
La Gare Saint-Lazare
Etretat: la plage e la porte d’Amont
Femme à l'ombrelle tournée vers la gauche
La pie (The magpie)
La pie (The magpie)
Zaandam (Hollande)
Les Coquelicots à Argenteuil
Portrait of painter Claude Monet
Camille Monet et un enfant au jardin
Nympheas bleus
Nympheas a Giverny
Le debacle
Blanche Hoschede
Monet peignant dans son jardin à Argenteuil
Monet peignant dans son atelier
Portrait de Madame Claude Monet
La capeline rouge, Portrait de Madame Monet
Coin du bassin aux nymphéas
Saule pleureur
Le bassin aux nymphéas
Le bassin aux nymphéas
Le bassin aux nymphéas
Le bassin aux nymphéas
The Barge
Le pont japonais
Le bassin aux nymphéas, le soir
Le pont japonais
Le pont japonais
Le jardin
Lilas, temps gris
Le bassin aux nymphéas
Nymphéas roses
Portrait de Michel en bonnet à pompon
Coucher de Soleil
Charing Cross Bridge, la Tamise
La rue Saint-Denis, à Paris. Fête du 30 juin 1878
Rouen Cathedral: The Portal
Mont Kolsaas, tempête de neige
Peches (Peaches)
La neige à Argenteuil
La pie (The Magpie)
Le pont de bois (The wooden bridge)
Maisons dans la neige, Norvège
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Claude Monet
100th anniversary of death: 5 December 2026

The painter Claude Monet is one of the most famous representatives of French Impressionism. His painting "Impression, soleil levant" gave this style its name. Monet had loved nature since early youth and enjoyed spending time outdoors. It is Eugène Boudin who encourages Monet to paint outdoors and study the effect of light on colours and shapes. His special love of flowers and plants is reflected in many of his paintings. He was inspired to paint his famous water lily paintings by a lily pond, which was specially created for this purpose in his garden.

In the 1870s, Monet bought a boat, which he converted into a studio. Many river landscapes have been preserved from this time. Travelling to England and Italy give him new creative impulses. Subjects from Hyde Park or the Thames, as well as numerous motifs from Venice, which were not created entirely in the open air, but were completed in the studio, are known. Afflicted by a serious eye disease, Monet spends his last years in his house in Giverny, until his death in December 1926.

Born November 14, 1840 in Paris; December 5, 1926 in Giverny, France