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At akg-images we are proud to license the work of a number of exceptionally talented photographers who have dedicated their lives to capturing history and daily life through their lenses.

Click on any selection to browse our choice of favourite images from each photographer, hand-picked by our picture researchers.

Many more images are available online - you can always contact us if you would like us to run a specific search for you!

The photographers featured on this page are:

Waldemar Abegg
Paul Almasy
Pietro Baguzzi
Henri Bancaud
Denise Bellon
Dario Bertuzzi
Richard Booth
David Borland
Hervé Champollion
Peter Cornelius
Justin Creedy Smith
Mark De Fraeye
Gérard Degeorge
Jean Dieuzaide
Michel Dieuzaide
Francis Dzikowski
Jules Dortes
Andreas von Einsiedel
Angelika Fischer
Daniel Frasnay
François Guénet
Rainer Hackenberg
André Held
Suzanne Held
Markus Hilbich
John Hios
Andrea Jemolo
Paul W. John
Marion Kalter
Anthony F. Kersting
Paul Koudounaris
Tristan Lafranchis
Henning Langenheim
Laurent Lecat
Mick Leeming
Christian Lemaire
Erich Lessing Fine Art
Erich Lessing Reportage
Walter Limot
Philippe Maillard
George Mann
Joseph Martin
Olivier Mériel
Roland and Sabrina Michaud
Archie Miles
Gilles Mermet
James Morris
Giorgio Nimatallah
Jean-Louis Nou
Nicolò Orsi Battaglini
Bruno Pérousse
Vincenzo Pirozzi
Abraham Pisarek
Purkiss Archive
Rabatti - Domingie
Joachim Richau
Jacques Rouchon
Schütze / Rodemann
Frank Silberbach
Alfred Strobel
Robert T. Smith
Yvan Travert
Tony Vaccaro
George Wittenstein
Bernhard Wübbel