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Beside the Thames
Beside the Thames
Beside the Thames
Barton, Rose 1856–1929.

“Beside the Thames”, 1897.

Watercolour heightened with bodycolour,
24 × 30cm.
London, Sotheby’s.
Lot 180, 3/11/93.
View of the Thames looking towards St Paul’s Cathedral from
View of St Paul’s from the Thames
“View of Waterloo Bridge from Westminster with Saint Pauls”.
The Thames below Westminster
St. Paul’s, London, shewing the City of London State Barge 1
Fog, Thames Embankment
Putney Bridge and Church from near the Old Swan, Fulham
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A selection of vintage photographs, glorious paintings and prints of the Thames from the akg-images archive to illustrate David Price-Hughes' article on the akg-images blog about running along the river.