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Rhonda Fleming / Photo / 1954
Fleming, Rhonda Film actress Photo, Venice, 1954.
The Death of Marat
Portrait of two friends
Der Duisburger Kaufmann Dirck Tybis
Durch Wind, durch Schnee, ich armer Held, / Bei Tag, bei Nacht, lauf durch das Feld (..)
A board with letters pinned to it
La mauvaise nouvelle
8ème régiment de chasseurs à cheval
Portrait E.G.Flug
Girl writing a letter
Hélène V.
Ricordo di un dolore o Ritratto di Santina Negri
La Lettre
Prosit Neujahr 1910
New York Office
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Open Lightbox
You've got mail!
In Spike Jonze's latest film, 'Her', set in the near future, Joaquin Phoenix plays a man employed to compose letters for other people that are printed to imitate handwriting.

As it becomes increasingly rarer to find a handwritten note in your letterbox, we have put together this selection of images dedicated to the pleasure of writing, receiving and reading a letter.