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The full moon
The full moon
The full moon
Werefkin, Marianne von 1860–1938.

“The full moon”, 1923.

Ink and tempera on card,
75.5 × 55.5cm.
Ascona, Museo Communale d’Arte Moderna.
Twilight Years
Night of the Ghosts
The Red Tree
Portrait of Marianne von Werefkin
Sunday Afternoon
Garden of the Women
Spring landscape with girl
In the Village
The movement
Herbst (Schule)
Police station in Vilnius
Monastery garden
The Way of the Cross II
The outrage
The new building
The mine
Snow swirl
Wood transportation in the mountains
Night shift
Castle on the Mediterranean
Iron Foundry in Oberstdorf
Ice skaters
Evening in Murnau
L’ouvreuse (The usherette)
After the performance
In the café
Jawlensky and Werefkin
Boat Trip
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Marianne von Werefkin (1860 - 1938)
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