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New Year’s Drink with Chimney Sweeper / Photo
Seasonal Festivals:
New Year.

Chimney sweeper drinking to the new year.

Bottles on a Table
The Feast in the House of Levi
Woman with Wine Glass
Die Säufer – raus!
Blaue Stunde. / Kind, wenn ich deine Beine seh, Wird mir so blau, so blau (…)
The Wedding at Canaan
Punch cures the Gout, – the Colic, – and the Tisick
Verderbliche Wirkung des Alkohols
Trinket keinen Branntwein, denn er ist Gift.
Young Drinker
Ash Wednesday. / Daddy, I’m going to pray hard to God to make you well again very soon
The Drinker
Four equal souls
Drunken Sleeping Satyr
Scenes Bacchiques / J’me r’connais à c’t heure (…)
Bottle of Pernod
Le jeune dégustateur
Der Zecher
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Dry January...
"Dry January" at the start of the new year - a good plan for many people, not only in Germany. The dry month was established in 2014 by the British organisation Alcohol Concern. However the temporary abstinence from alcohol should not be misunderstood as a free pass for the rest of the year. In any case, it is better to limit drinking in general and to give body, and especially liver, breaks for regeneration with several non-alcoholic days a week.