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Kauffmann, Angelika, married to Antonio Zucchi; painter and engraver; Chur
30.10.1741 – Rome 5.11.1807.

“Self-portrait”, 1784.

Oil on canvas, 64.8 × 50.7cm.
Portrait Angelika Kauffmann
Possibly Franciska Krasinska, Duchess of Courland
Bildnis Dr. Francesco Zucchi
Self-portrait in Graubünden traditional costume
Monsignor Giuseppe Spina (1756–1828)
Eleanor, Countess of Lauderdale
Lady Smith (?) as Venus
Mary and Child
Edward Smith Stanley, Twelfth Earl of Derby, with His First Wife and Their Son
Modello painting of the royal family of Naples and the Two
Clio, The Muse of History
The morning amusement of the embroiderer
Portrait of Countess Catherine Skavron– ska
Ölbozzetto zum Familienbildnis Bariatinskaja
Hebe tränkt den Adler des Jupiter
Portrait of a General with his wife
Die drei Sängerinnen
Portrait of Domenica Morghen as Tragedy and Maddalena Volpa
Portrait George (…) Townshend (…) and his children
Portrait of the Plymouth siblings as Amor and Psyche
Bildnis einer jungen Dame als Sibylle
Self-portrait at the crossroads between music and painting
Self-Portrait at the Crossroads
Ganymede and the eagle
Phryne seducing the philosopher Xenokrates
Christus und die Samariterin am Brunnen
Odysseus and Circe
Penelope wird von Eurykleia geweckt
Amor und Psyche
Amor and Psyche
The Abandoned Ariadne
David and Nathan
Der trauernde Telemach mit Mentor auf der Insel der Kalypso
Telemachus and the Nymphs of Calypso
'The Seller of Loves'
Portait of a lady as vestal virgin
Mrs. Hugh Morgan and Her Daughter
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Angelika Kauffmann (1741 - 1807)
Classicist painter

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