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Abbey in the Oakwood
Abbey in the Oakwood
Abbey in the Oakwood
Friedrich, Caspar David
1774–1840, German painter.
“Abtei im Eichwald”, (Abbey in the Oakwood), 1809/10.
Oil on canvas, 110.4 × 171cm.

(Photo before restauration...
Raven / Corvus corax
Disparate de bobo
The Raven
The Nightmare
The washerwomen of the night
Mondnacht über der Ruine Eldena
Ruin Heiligenberg at dusk
Church ruins in the snow
Disparate de miedo
In the Ancestral Castle
View of a Full Moon
Megalithic grave in the snow
The sinister forest
The Angel before the Tomb
Witches riding on broomsticks
"Sea shore in moonlight"
Witches’ Sabbath
The Alchemist
Le Fou
Die Gasse
The Three Witches
Hector’s ghost appearing to Andromache
Lady at the Window, Moonlight
Disparate de bobo
Las camas de la muerte
Little owl
Owl in front of the moon
Escena de brujas
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The Gothic
As the days are getting shorter, colder and darker, we chose to look at the art of the uncanny. Inspired by Gothic literature classics such as Dracula and The Castle of Otranto, we have selected images from our archive that capture the creepiness of the supernatural.

Let yourself be taken to castle ruins and haunted houses where demons lurk behind corners and the call of the raven sounds through the night. These pictures are sure to send shivers down your spine.