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Stillleben mit Flaschen und Blumenbank / Foto
Fotografie / Stillleben u.ä.

Stillleben mit Flaschen und Blumenbank.
(Auf dem unteren Bord Geschirr für ein Pferdefuhrwerk?).

Foto, undatiert.
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Collection Raiß
Jochen Raiß, born in 1969, is co-owner and one of the three managing directors of "fotogloria büro für fotografische zusammenarbeit". Previously, he worked for many years as a picture editor at various photo agencies.
He started to collect historical amateur photography in Frankfurt/ a.M., where he studied German language and literature, history and philosophy.
At the flea market on the banks of the Main, he bought his first photo, simply because he was touched. Meanwhile his collection contains about 1,000 photos: people in special situations, snapshots or pictures with unusual perspectives. In any case, an expression of his particular view of the world.