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Titel: Sommer in Berlin
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Sommer in Berlin. Momentaufnahmen der Gebrüder Haeckel. (Ausstellung im Heimatmuseum Charlottenburg vom 24. Juli bis zum 11 September 1988 in Zusammenarbeit...
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Otto and Georg Haeckel
Otto Haeckel (1872-1945) & Georg Haeckel (1873-1942)

Otto and Georg Haeckel were some of the most famous press photographers in Berlin in 1900, and the brothers displayed a particular interest in capturing life in the metropolis in the early years of the last century.

Back in 1988, the then owner of the "Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte" (now akg-images) Justus Göpel first published a volume of photographs by the Haeckel Brothers through Album Verlag, the publishing house which Göpel had also founded. This was an important contribution to the study of photography, then still in its infancy, and allowed the photography of these major press photographers of the 20th Century to be discovered and recognised for its artistic value.