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New York / Flatiron Building / Photo/1905
New York (USA),
Flatiron Building,
23rd Street / Broadway.
Photo, coloured, 1905 (Waldemar Abegg).
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Waldemar Abegg
When Waldemar Abegg set off on a journey in 1905 even he probably didn't expect to come back with over 3000 photographs of his travels. The trip was a reward for his excellent exam results in a totally unrelated subject and, unusually for those times, he chose to photograph what he saw in great detail. Ways of life were captured that now only exist in cultural memories or stereotypical pastiches. His tour took in many countries including the USA, Japan, China and India. When he returned many of the pictures were hand-tinted in Berlin adding a magical dimension to their already high documentary value.

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