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Rape of the Sabine Women
Rape of the Sabine Women
Rape of the Sabine Women
Giovanni da Bologna, after Giambologna,
born Jean de Boulogne. 1529–1608.

“The Rape of the Sabine Women”, 1581/83.

Marble, hight: 410 cm.
Florence / Firenze (Tuscany,...
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Nicolò Orsi Battaglini
Nicolò Orsi Battaglini has been collaborating with world-renowned institutions for many years, working with, amongst others, the Archivio di Stato di Firenze, the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the National Gallery in London and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. His photographic work has appeared in books by many of the major publishing houses, including Penguin and Phaidon in London, Flammarion and Gallimard in Paris and Yale, Chicago and Oxford University Presses.