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For the cover of this novel, Random House USA were looking for an image to capture the rugged American West. This photograph of an American cowboy, taken by Jochem Wijnands from our partner agency Horizons, evokes the earthy tones and epic landscapes of the 1960 cinematic adaptation. The image perfectly represents the sense of endless possibilities felt by Yancey and Sabra at the start of their adventurous journey.

Photograph © akg-images / Horizons

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Cimarron (Random House USA)

About the image:

About the book:

Random House USA’s “Vintage Movie Classics” series relaunches some of the original novels behind the movies we know and love!

This title from the series, Cimarron, is set during the Oklahoma Land Rush when settlers arrived in their droves to build new lives for themselves and their families in the American West. This untamed frontier provides the backdrop for the arrival of Yancey and his wife Sabra, hoping to stake their claim to a promising plot of land after emigrating from Kansas. Through Sabra’s eyes we witness the harsh realities of frontier life; from border disputes and run-ins with outlaws, to the racial tension and violence between white settlers and the indigenous Cherokee.

The novel has been twice turned into a film, including the 1931 Academy-Award winning adaptation by script-writer Howard Estabrook, which managed to secure a large budget despite the onslaught of the Great Depression and became an instant success with film critics.

Cover design by Evan Gaffney Design

akg-images provided images for other covers in this series: Back Street and Show Boat.